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Yahoo Messenger App for iOS Launches Soon
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Yahoo launches Yahho Messenger App for iOS Soon

Yahoo wish to launch new Yahoo messenger app on iOS. The American multinational technology company Yahoo not only a web portal but also having a search engine Yahoo search.Today most of the people around world using internet service on their smart phone as compare to computer. People using internet on mobile phone due to they can easily message to their friends, relatives, colleagues etc.

Yahoo Messanger App

We often see people using many Messenger Apps on their phone like Facebook messenger, WeChat, MSN Messenger, WhatsApp etc. on their smartphone and today these are the best messaging apps for all. That is the only reason why all web portal providing companies wish to have their own messaging apps. Why Yahoo is not. Yahoo also launches a new Messenger app for iOS.

The Yahoo Messenger mobile app is almost ready. It is not only a text messenger but also a video messenger and the new Yahoo messenger for iOS is known as “Yahoo Livetext/Video Messenger”. The users those who wish to download this mobile app they have to wait a little. Let’s see how much people like this app and what are the real features come with this app. Hope for the best and wish Yahoo for this new Messenger app for iOS.

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