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Women are still tortured for giving birth to baby girls
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Women are still tortured for giving birth to baby girls

Really, Women are still tortured for producing baby girls. People feel sweets if it’s a boy but people faces hang when a girl is born. There was recently an incident occurred which is a serious example that how a women is tortured.

How women are tortured for giving birth to baby girls:

Now, a case of harassment has been registered against the husband. Nearly a year after a 21-year-old woman from Malad was rejected by her husband and in-laws for giving birth to a girl child.This lingering stress of bearing girls without giving birth to a boy allegedly drove a 27-year-old woman in Ambedkar Nagar to kill her three daughters and attempt suicide.

Women are still tortured fo giving birth to baby girls

Researchers say every year up to six hundred thousand girl fetuses are aborted in India. In India, Women face myriad cultural challenges that impede social advancement. According to a united nations report, the Indian constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, but the position of women remains unequal.

Even though the dowry practice is legally banned in India but it is still widespread. As a result girls are considered a liability. They think if a baby boy is born they should have got income from his.That is because the birth of a baby boy gives an assurance to the parents.

So a baby boy is every parent’s old age retirement plan. Therefore women are still tortured for giving birth to baby girls.Women had to go through multiple abortions because their families didn’t want baby girls. One woman was made to abort five or six times.

Women are still tortured for giving birth to baby girls

They forced to sex determination test and if it known there was a baby girl then forced her to terminate her pregnancy.There is no support system for women who want to make a choice and bring up their daughters. Many people wanted a boy as their first child. 61% percent of them were graduates and 4% were under treatment to have a son.

When a woman is giving birth to a baby girl, she was thrown out of the house at the moment. Many Indians simply do not want baby girls because they are still seen as a financial burden because of the matrimonial dowry demanded by a groom’s family.

People don’t want girls, because they have to worry about their safety and security.  They have to pay to get them married off. Over the past 20 years in India, 10 million female babies have been aborted. The pressure to have sons is terrifying to mothers.

Women are still tortured for giving birth to baby girls

The women are beaten due to bearing of baby girls. Mothers are always very happy to have a child be it a girl or a boy. Mothers are being urged to ‘save the girl child’ as the country tries to end decades of tragic abuse. But, Women are still tortured for giving birth to girl child.

In our country where boys remain prized and having a baby girl is considered to be a curse. Yet, in India the birth of a girl child is still considered as a curse. Everyone should effort to change these types of curse.

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