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Wishtel to Launch a Akash 2 Tablet Competitor for Less Than Rs.3000
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Wishtel to Launch a Akash 2 Tablet Competitor

Wishtel, a Mumbai based electronics gadgets manufacturing company has declared that it will be launching computing devices, tablets and netbooks with a price range starting from $50. It has also declared that it will soon be launching the World’s Cheapest Tablet, Aakash 2’s competitor very soon.

Wishtel in a statement declared that it has been successful in developing a Linux-based platform PrithV, which would be used for the Tablets and Netbooks, PCs. Milind Shah, CEO, Wishtel said, “Our objective as a technology and manufacturing company is to create affordable range of products that can contribute to society by extending education for free and without boundaries”.

Wishtel’s PrithV Operating Platform is developed jointly by Wishtel and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. This operating platform supports 85 Global languages including 23 Indian languages. It also comes loaded with educational applications to offer self learning software for Pre-primary, tertiary and higher educations.

Milind Shah, CEO, Wishtel also said that the Tablet PC will be costing $50 while the Netbook will cost $120.

Wishtel which has lost to Datawind in securing the contract for Manufacturing the low-cost tablet, Aakash said that it shall participate in the bidding for the second round for manufacturing the tablet when the Government rolls out a tender.

“We intend to offer our solutions to universities and schools worldwide and empower every student with a PC enabling them to learn and educate themselves beyond textbooks, access and create their own knowledge”, Milind Shah, CEO, Wishtel added.

Lets wait for the new low cost tablet to be launched by Wishtel which will be priced less than Rs.3000, that is expected to provide tough competition to the World’s Low Cost Tablet, Aakash 2. Share with us your views in your Valuable comments.

Source : The Times of India

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