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Windows 8 AMD Trinity Test
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Windows 8 AMD Trinity Test

Recently AMD brought its latest 2nd-gen Trinity design along to Computex 2012. So here’s what it feels like when you  get your hands on the Compal-made tablet/notebook hybrid. This  11.6-inch piece fits well into the dock with a well spaced keyboard with trackpad and extra ports, this unnamed prototype machinery is will not ship in the same form factor as it seems to but some minor changes will be made untill it reaches the market, but AMD hopes that they will provide some inspiration to its OEM partners considering APUs.

 Basic Review Points Of AMD trinity

  • Hardware itself is reasonably solid, though there’s some flex in the slate section
  • It docks with a reassuring click  the cradle itself has two latches and a cup design that hugs the lower edges
  • The speaker on the bottom of the tablet is replaced by integrated stereo speakers built into the hinges of the dock.
  • The keyboard section adds new functionality to the package as a whole

AMD says it has a large capacity hard-drive inside, along with automatic sync between it and the slate’s storage. Together, closed, they’re 20mm thick, which brings the whole package into ultrabook territory. A couple of cameras, several USB ports spread out between the tablet and the dock, a wired ethernet port on the back of the keyboard and HDMI connectivity round out the main specs. It’s certainly not the first hybrid we’ve seen, but if AMD can deliver its Trinity APU performance claims in the real-world, it’s one we might consider opting for.

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