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Top 5 Women Safety Apps for Mobile Phones
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Top 5 Women Safety Apps for Mobile Phones

For Women safety the developers developed some app or women rescue apps for mobiles, smartphones, android mobile, iPhone etc. These app are really helpful and different apps having different features. The only aim is to develop these apps is for women safety. Mostly all these type of app send emergency SOS SMS alerts. Even some apps send emails, Facebook notifications and call friends with a single tap.

Women Safety Apps for Mobile Phones

Here I am going to discuss few women safety apps. If you are in any trouble or in any emergency situation these smartphone application enable you to send SOS alerts with the information of location to family and friends. Just give a look to the following women safety apps.


FightBack is one of the best apps for women safety. The app sends SOS alerts from your phone. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email. The apps sends SMS to your Facebook friend list to inform in case you are in danger. The FightBack apps is available for Nokia phones, Android smartphones and other mobile devices. You can download FightBack women safety apps free.


OnWatch is an award winning personal safety app for college students. OnWatch can easily alert friends and emergency responders like police when you are in any trouble. It features time based alerts which can alert to your friends and family member if you do not reach home safely at time. You can manually set the alarm accoring to your timings. You can download OnWatch for iOS and Android from app store and Google play store respectively.

Red Panic Button

The apps Red Panic Button is just a red button on your smartphone and when you are in trouble press the red panic button. After pushing the button and the app will send an SMS and E-MAIL with a link to Google Maps with your GPS coordinates. The Red Panic Button is available for Android and iOS for free download.


Life360 is a free communication and location app for smartphones which connects your entire family on a private map. The app locate your family members with top-notch GPS technology. You can see nearby hospitals, police and fire stations, as well as recent crimes and other threats. The Life360 is now available for iPhone, Android and other smartphones free.


bSafe is an advanced mobile safety alarm or world’s leading personal mobile safety application. The app can save your life from stalkers giving an emergency alarm to your friends or relatives. You can download bSafe for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

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