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Tikona Introduces Unlimited High Speed Internet Tariff For Heavy, Medium & Light Users
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Tikona Introduces Unlimited High Speed Internet Tariff For Heavy, Medium & Light Users

BSNL is the only digital networks who provide high speed broadband connections to India. Following after many like Reliance 3G, Airtel unlimited 3G and so on. Tikona broadband is not far behind from popular digital networks. Tikona now offering an unlimited broadband tariff plan for heavy and light broadband subscribers in three broad based categories detailed will be discussed in a later phase.

Tikona Broadband Plan

Tikona recently disclosed its new high speed internet broadband tariff plans in three categories in 3 different categories like Heavy usage, Medium usage and Light usage. To be detailed Heavy usage gives you unlimited internet access with high speed internet. Coming to medium usage, it gives you 5GB to 20GB per month and for light usage it offers 10GB per month.

Tikona Broadband Tariff Plan:

  • Tikona Heavy Usage – It gives you unlimited data usage with 4Mbps speed at Rs.1499 per month. Fair Usage Policy (FUP) with entitlement of 80GB after reaching FUP. Well contention ratio is increased and don’t impact with speed in low traffic time zones.
  • Tikona Medium Usage – In this plan you would get 5GB to 20GB data usage per month with 4Mbps high speed internet. It’s monthly fair will be Rs.849 per month and 2Mbps internet speed data will be charged Rs.599 per month. After 10GB FUP 4Mbps will run in 1Mbps speed and 2Mbps will come to 512Kbps post FUP respectively.
  • Tikona Light Usage – This pack is very much suitable for all average people. Because it provides 40GB data usages for 6 months and 125 GB for 1 year. It would be bill free prepaid plan. Well it would charge 6ps/month in the 125GB/12 month plan @ Rs.7999 incl. ST and installation.
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