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Steve Jobs The Lost Interview Theater Showtimes List
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Theater Showtime List & Buy Tickets Online – Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

Sometimes what happen death make a famous person even more famous. Here is a proof, being Indian i would like to take the name of Kishore Kumar (The legendary singer of India), when he died people all over the India pays tribute and after his death, album sales go to the top of the charts. Similar, when actor dies their movies are all rented on Netflix.

And when the world’s billionaire CEO technology dies apparently becomes a movie star. The death of Steve Jobs, Apple CEO & Co-founder had shocked the entire tech-world as well as leaves the memories behind his fans which force to play film interview and finally it going to hits on November 16-17 as titled Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview in selected movie theaters.


It is decided to play “The Lost Interview” in 19 cities as part of the Landmark Theatres chain with an unaired 1 hour 10 minutes (70 minutes) interview jobs concealed in 1196 retitled Steve Jobs. The Los Angeles Times broke the news of this film, which is made up of the full interview Jobs did with Robert Cringely for a 1996 miniseries called Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires.

The show originally aired on PBS but it is used only 10 minutes of the interview. Some years later, Cringely was preparing a follow up and couldn’t find the footage so he dismissed it as lost. What he didn’t know was the director of the first miniseries, Paul Sen, had dubbed a VHS tape of the full edit and had it sitting in his house. When Jobs passed away, he dug it up and contacted Cringely

Cringely personally contacted with the owner of Landmark Theaters named Mark Cuban and asked him that if he might to screen it. Finally Cuban said why not and immediately agreed proposal of Cringely for $6000. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview will play at select Landmark Theaters on November 16-17 and few other theaters will play it for longer. So get ready and book your tickets via online as well as check out the showtime of specific theaters see below.

Steve Jobs “The Lost Interview” Theatre List:-

  1. CHICAGO, IL at Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema.
  2. LOS ANGELES, CA at the Regent Theatre.
  3. NEW YORK, NY at the Sunshine Cinema.
  4. ATLANTA, GA at the Midtown Art Cinema.
  5. WASHINGTON, DC at the E Street Cinema.
  6. SAN FRANCISCO, CA at the Opera Plaza Cinema.
  7. BOSTON, MA at the Kendall Square Cinema.
  8. SAN DIEGO, CA at the Hillcrest Cinemas.
  9. HOUSTON, TX at the River Oaks Theatre.
  10. SEATTLE, WA at the Metro Cinemas.
  11. INDIANAPOLIS, IN at the Keystone Art Cinema.
  12. MINNEAPOLIS, MN at the Lagoon Cinema.
  13. BERKELEY, CA at the Shattuck Cinemas.
  14. MILWAUKEE, WI at the Oriental Theatre.
  15. PHILADELPHIA, PA at the Ritz at the Bourse.
  16. DALLAS, TX at The Magnolia.
  17. PALO ALTO, CA at the Aquarius Theatre.
  18. BALTIMORE, MD at the Harbor East.
  19. DENVER, CO at the Esquire Theater.

Visit Landmarktheatres for showtimes and buy tickets online.

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