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Best Camera Phones With Xenon Flash

Smart phones are now produced widely by all manufactures. Indeed today each one is owing a smart phone that has multimedia features. People use their smartphones for many purposes in fact today it has become a medium to take beautiful snaps by using the camera feature. A high end smartphone or a highly priced phone doesn’t mean that it can take good pictures. In the day time every camera can take good photos but what at night, to take pictures at night you need to have good flash on your phone. Basically there are two kind of flash that exist in smart phone one is the led flash and the other is the xenon flash. Continue reading

Nokia 808 PureView Price, Specs & Features

Nokia, World’s leading smartphone manufacturer has recently reviled its new smartphone the Nokia 808 PureView at MCW 2012 which features a massive 41 megapixel camera sensor with carl zeiss optics. This is we can say a finest piece of machinery been built up to date. Recently Nokia launched many smartphone models from low end to high end models and among them it also launched a smartphone named as nokia lumia 800 in collaboration with Microsoft that is based on windows operating system. Continue reading