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Events Gets Easier With New Facebook Calendar

Facebook has now become a place where many people can invite friends and family to special events for a long time now. This is very easy because you don’t have to actually visit instead you just join the event. Facebook has finally launched a refreshed version for Events adding a Calendar View to the mix making it much easier to see an event coming in advance. Continue reading

How to Unsubscribe Facebook EMail Notification from Email Box

Facebook is one of the best and most popular social networking site among all. Today most of the people around world are using Facebook. People always searching for Facebook tricks or Facebook tips to customize their Facebook profile or to make some changes in their Facebook. Here I come with another Facebook trick that is how to unsubscribe Facebook notification mails from Gmail or any other email clients. Continue reading

Install Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean On Galaxy Nexus How To Guide

Hey you, wanna have jelly Bean as your OS on Galaxy nexus then you are on the right track. I am back with my funky research elements but before that let me tell you that this new OS from android features variety of items like vastly smoother user interface with Project Butter, powerful notifications system, Google Now, offline voice typing and many more. Google has released the 4.1.1 update for Jelly Bean for the GSM/HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus. So  To automatically install in the form of an OTA update you need to wait few more weeks and if you want to install it manually then here I am, I will guide you through. Continue reading

Make Your PC Work Like New

When we buy a new PC we make full praise of it. After 2-3 yrs we now modify our statements about our PC. We actually then start comparing the way it is working in the present circumstances and how it was working when we bought it. We also start comparing it with our friends or relatives PC. Then we feel of purchasing a new one. But I can assure you that keeping your’s this idea aside you can make your old PC work like new. Continue reading

Android Jelly Bean Tablet From Karbon In September

Karbonn leading Mobile device maker on Thursday said that it will invest Rs 445 crore in its brand promotion and product development the next two years. Company also said that it expects revenues to touch Rs 3,500 crore by 2013-14. “We are extending our portfolio to targcustomers of high socio-economic class. We will continue as ‘value for money’ brand. Our estimate is that we should have Rs 2,500 crore in revenues this fiscal and Rs 3,500 crore in FY’14,” Karbonn Mobiles MD Pradeep Jain told reporters. Continue reading

How To Hack Nexus 7 UI To Open Up In Landscape Mode

Nexus 7 is the latest Android tablet from google and if you take a look at it then you will notice that, in all situations bar media playback, Google only ever shows the slate in portrait orientation and it is because the tablet is actually locked in that way. However recently xda developers have come up with a solution for this, its a simple way to bound Google’s new Nexus to show its ultimate powers with a easy tweak enabling landscape orientation and the proper tablet UI. Continue reading

Step-By-Step Video To Install Google On Rooted Android ICS Device

Google, the term itself is just enough to describe it because as of now you all must be knowing and have become familiar with Google. And if you see last week’s Google I/O conference then you will find that the service logs location, time, and user habits in order to help you to be as productive as possible, and the few who’ve had a little experience with the Jelly Bean (4.1) feature have reported it as working like a charm. Most of Jelly Bean’s stiffs aren’t available on the  older versions of Google’s mobile operating system, but like the majority of Jelly Bean’s goodies, a port has been made available thanks to the endeavors of Android lovers. Continue reading

Sony PRS-T2 eReader @ FCC

Long time before sony released its ereader and within these couple of years we haven’t heard of anything regarding its eReader but finally at FCC there was a glimpse of its latest ereader and we are hoping that in these cominfg couple of months we have finaly get an ereader from sony. It is named as PRS-T2 eReader although there isn’t anything special to get excited about because the internal information is kept silent till September 29th and also the design looks to be similar to the its previous eReader PRS-T1 but except WiFi  present onboard. Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Chat Messages On Facebook

Now a days chatting on on facebook has become an hobby of everybody just because when you don’t have any thing to do then you can spend your leisure time on facebook. The time goes away so quickly that you can’t even know when hours after hours passed away. So on facebook you can chat with multiple number of people at a time, and chatting with more than 1 people makes you unaware of what you are saying and to whom. Continue reading

Removes Ads from Browser & Instant Messengers Using Remove Ad Apps

Now a days advertisements have gone very popular and you can find them in each and every website someway or the other, not only that but also these ads are found in instant messengers. These ads are in different forms they are present in the website itself or a pop up window appears in which it carries ads to keep that app free and at the same time helps the developer to make money. These ads are present basically to generate income.  Not everyone likes ads shown on their face when they visit website or open instant messengers like Yahoo Messenger. Continue reading