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Smartphone Applications to Delete all Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging platform since its launch which was in 2006. Each day more than 1 Million tweets gets tweeted on Twitter and its natural, there must be more than hundreds or thousands of tweets on an user account if the account is an older one. Though Twitter doesn’t offers any such service to delete Tweets from an Users account directly, let it be via Web or Mobile app. Continue reading

Best way to Delete all your Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging platform. On Twitter millions of tweets gets posted on every day since its launch in 2006. There may be hundreds or thousands of Tweets if your account is very old. If you want your old Tweets to be deleted from your account, then Twitter doesn’t offers any direct option to get those Tweets deleted, let it be via web or Mobile app. Continue reading

Force Any Android Device To Download Latest OTA System Update – How To Tips

These days Google is very much busy in releasing some quick updates to Android on six month schedule, and not only that there are also many different devices from different manufacturers on different wireless carriers, there is almost always some particular OTA update being rolled out. Continue reading

Check New Mails in your Gmail Inbox without Opening Your Gmail Account

Every Internet user always keeps an check on his/her e-mail account everyday and if you are expecting an important e-mail then you just go on checking quite a lot of time. This process wastes a lot of time. You have to go to a new tab again and again, to check your Inbox or you have to keep it open which eats away 120 MB of your RAM space. Continue reading

Simple Steps To Print Your PDF File In Windows 8

There are many ways in which you can print a document and the most most convenient way to convert a document you need to print in PDF is to directly print it in PDF format which will require you to have a PDF driver in the first place. For easy transfer over networks or internet mostly documents are created in PDF format. There are also many converters only that can be downloaded for free to convert all your documents to PDF formats. To avoid any sort of conversion software and all the related procedure, the simple thing to do is print your documents to PDF.

Continue reading

How To Stop People From Sharing Your Facebook Pictures

Social networking giant Facebook has many thing within him and has a lot of features that allows users to do multiple things and also to post and share photos and videos online. Photos posted on your friends post can show up on your page if your privacy settings are not adjusted. Friends may link photos to profiles using the Facebook “Tag” feature. Safeguard your privacy in a few quick steps using Facebook’s privacy settings. Below given are some of the step by step instruction which you can follow. Continue reading

Uncover 40+ Amazingly Beautiful Hidden Wallpapers in OS X Mountain Lion

Apple’s Operating System iOS or Mac OS X is always loaded with a beautiful set of wallpapers to enhance your desktop but have you ever guessed that the OS X Mountain Lion comes with additional 40+ Amazingly Beautiful Lovely Wallpapers that are hidden in addition to the wallpapers which are available under the ‘Change Desktop Background’ Option. Continue reading

Stuffs Related To iPhone And iPad ID Hacked From FBI Claimed By AntiSec

Hack collective AntiSec claims to have breech into an FBI agent laptop and thereby extracted some stuffs related to some personal details from Apple devices, alleging that the federal agency had been tracking users. The document supposedly contains Unique Device Identifiers (UDID), usernames, name and type of device, Apple Push Notification Service tokens, zipcodes, cellphone numbers, addresses, and other content; AntiSec has released 1,000,001 UDIDs (along with the device name/type) as a proof of hack. Continue reading

Applications To Make Your Image Vibrant On The Internet (Top 5 Apps)

Photos and photo editing are two different term but are related with each other and in this era both need to exist as if one is missing then the other is incomplete. So why do we need to edit the photos? There are many reasons present behind editing a photo, or we can say there is no such particular reason that could justify why do we need to edit a photo. To make a picture totally different from the original and just to simply increase its color and brightness also can be termed as editing. Continue reading