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What will new in INTEL host WINDOWS 8 TABLET Event on September 27?

Intel has announced they will host an event later this month to present the Windows 8 tablet of some of the Big Branded manufacturers, including Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and even ZTE. This will be an official event from Intel after the launch of Windows 8 and it’s all devices. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Alternatives Coming This October

Microsoft Surface is no more the only tablet which shall be operating on Windows 8. Lenovo has unvieled its ThinkPad Tablet 2 which uses the upcoming Intel Atom Processor that performs on mobile platform and Windows 8. This Tablet is expected to enter the Tablet Market at the end of October. This Tablet is likely to replace the ThinkPad Tablet that runs on Android platform. Continue reading

Intel Letexo Windows 8 Hybrid Ultrabook Unveiled

Intel Letexo is a Windows 8 Hybrid Ultrabook showing at the IDF 2012 Beijing. At the IDF 2012 Beijing Intel showcasing its latest technology where we also saw the Intel Letexo Windows 8 Hybrid Ultrabook. The Intel Letexo Windows 8 Hybrid laptop features a sliding screen which allows it to be used in a few different modes. The Intel Windows 8 Ultrabook Letexo is designed in such a way that you can use it as a tablet and a notebook. The Intel Letexo features sliding screen and runs Windows 8 OS. Continue reading

Intel Windows 8 Tablets Technical Specifications

Intel announced the technical specifications of Windows 8 tablet. Intel released the technical specifications of Intel Windows 8 tablet. The Windows 8 tablet specifications is only for the tablets powered by Intel processors. As we know the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has already been released and we are not far away from the final version of Windows 8. Starting from the initial specs of Intel windows 8 tablet the Windows 8 tablets will be powered by dual-core capable Atom Z2760 Clover Trail chips, with burst mode. Continue reading