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Download Stickman 2D: Evolution for Windows 8 or RT Free
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Download Stickman 2D: Evolution for Windows 8 or RT Free

Microsoft has released one great app to play on Windows 8 or RT Operating System. The new app name is Stickman 2D: Evolution where you need to create a stickman healthier to send it into the battle to fight. Creating Stickman will be acceptable in drawing mode skills determining how healthy the stickman is.

Stickman 2D Evolution

Once you create your Stickman send them to capture diverse objectives such as guard towers and village bonuses with the ultimate goal of winning each battle and moving on the next Age of Stickman.

Stickman 2D: Evolution comes with 4 powerful playback levels namely Iron Age, Stone Age, Modern Age and Renaissance. Apart from that, you get an additional Challenge levels and Insane difficult mode. Well to play Sitckman 2D: Evolution full version you need to pay cost $2.99. But to play in a trial version you can play absolutely free.

Download Stickman 2D: Evolution for Windows 8

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