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SoftMaker Office Suite 2012 for Windows, Linux Free Download
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Download SoftMaker Free Office Suite 1.0.3380 For Windows Free

Just before few days we have updated one fine Microsoft Office alternatives Kingsoft Office suite who works same as Office suite. Here we are going to reveal one more new software who works same as MS Office. SoftMaker Free Office 2012 is a powerful software that works fine with Windows desktop and very simple to use.

SoftMaker Free Office 1.0.3380

It is light weighted but acts like a heavy weighted office suite for Windows. As you all know, to install Microsoft Office package it takes a huge amount of hard disk space but some old hard disk comes with low disk space. So, people looks for an alternatives which work would be same and effective.

SoftMaker Free Office is a complete office suite that includes a Word, Excel, PowerPoint. It is more than just Word compatible and it doesn’t come only for document creation but also it having great eye catching layouts. The more you use the more you will fall in love with SoftMaker Office Suite 1.0.3380.

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