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How to Share Links to Social Network | Firefox Share 0.2.2
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How to Share Links to Facebook, Twitter and Gmail from Firefox

Nowadays, most of the people rely on social network whether for interact with friends, relatives or to promote their website by posting new feeds or by advertising products to increase sale. All work done in real time using social network like Facebook, twitter and Gmail but now you can share links to those network just by using Firefox Share (alpha) 0.2.2 .

Mozilla has newly created a new addon for Firefox that allow to share contents to Gmail, Facebook and Twitter right from your browser, all you to add the extensions to your browser. Once you installed, a small icon will appear in the address bar and you can share links anytime by clicking appropriate icon at right time.

The add-on is currently in alpha stage and is derived from the popular Mozilla F1 extension and it is expected to add more networks like Google+ in later releases. However, now you install the Firefox Share (alpha) 0.2.2 and start sharing your contents in quick time.

Download Firefox Share (alpha) 0.2.2

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