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Samsung GT-B7810 Android Smartphone Images leaked
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Samsung GT-B7810 Android Smartphone Images leaked

Here is another Samsung mobile images leaked on web. This upcoming Samsung mobile is known as Samsung GT-B7810. The Samsung GT-B7810 is an Android smartphone comes with a Qwerty keyboard. The mobile runs on Android ICS OS. Japanese Blog of Mobile published the leaked images of Samsung GT-B7810. Just look at the below images showing the phone with its Qwerty keyboard.

Samsung GT-B7810

It is said that the Samsung GT-B7810 is the successor of Galaxy M Pro smartphone. It is expected that the new upcoming Samsung mobile will run single core mobile processor. According to the source the Samsung GT-B7810 features a 2.4-inch display screen with screen resolution of 480×360 pixels.

Samsung GT-B7810 Leaked

Just look at the above pic of the device shows there is a camera without flash. You can see a speaker grill just left of the camera. The smartphone also comes with WiFi, Bluetooth. There are no more details available for this phone. The full specs, release date and price of Samsung GT-B7810 will be available soon.


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