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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE Jelly Bean And VoLTE Update
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE Jelly Bean And VoLTE Update

Recently Samsung has begun promoting Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE, Jelly Bean is the latest Os from android which comes with latest and innovative features. This is a 4G-enabled tablet and has support for voice and data support over LTE. The new update will initially be released across three South Korean carriers which also adds VoLTE support to the tablet, in addition to the niceties the newer version of Android delivers, and Samsung’s own tweaks such as Multi-Window.

  • Multi-Window support that splits the display into two panes allowing two apps to be accessed simultaneouslty
  • Improved multi window in this newest firmware version
  • Enhanced S Pen functionality included
  • Air View support

As for simultaneous voice and data, that addresses one of the common complaints about LTE devices. VoLTE is an enhancement to traditional LTE, which would normally drop a data connection when a voice call was being made; that’s usually acceptable on a smartphone, but less so on a tablet where a hands-free kit is more likely to be used, and access to the internet more commonly required in-call. It does require carrier support, however. Samsung hasn’t confirmed an exact roll-out schedule, and nor has it said when international Note 10.1 users might expect to see Jelly Bean as well.

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