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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab Using Jailbreak Method
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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab Using Jailbreak Method

Samsung Galaxy Tab is an iPad tablet computer that is based on android platform and Samsung Galaxy Tab is a popular device after apple’s ipad. But now you can root your Galaxy ipad using jailbreak method.

But remember one thing that jailbreaking any device whether mobiles, ipods or game consoles could void your warranty. So I always advice to do all these stuffs after your warranty is over.

Why do we need to root Samsung Galaxy Tab?

As we all know everybody wants some more out of their devices, therefore by doing this we can have access to third party applications and better hardware utilization support. If we jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab we can enjoy those hidden features that we didn’t even imagined, we can change the boot screen, install patches and can do lot more.

Procedure how to root samsung galaxy tab using jailbreak method

  1. First of all download z4root android application. (z4root is another android application that helps to root your android based devices). Now put the application on Samsung Galaxy Tab’s memory card.
  2. Now on your Galaxy Tab press menu an then go to settings. Under settings go to applications then development and then USB debugging. Here enable USB debugging mode.
  3. Now open z4root android application and press root button.
  4. Now you will see z4root rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab. It will restart your tablet computer several times so please keep patience and don’t panic.
  5. Once everything is finished open z4root again and you will find a image on it which confirms that your Galaxy Tab has been successfully rooted.

Here is a video tutorial to help you how to root Samsung Galaxy Tab

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