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Restore Firefox 7 Hidden Addons | Install Addon Recovery Tool
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How to Add Missing Firefox 7 Addons [Guide]

Firefox 7 is now facing problem specially with an add-on functionality options and earlier with shorten URL https. However, you might have noted when you install Firefox add-ons it get hidden or missing. Firefox 7 developer trying their level best to fix this error soon and restore any hidden add-ons. But, for the Firefox 7 update you can’t wait till yet, then simply follow our steps to install the add-on recovery tool in Firefox 7 to restore missing addons.

According to Firefox; until the update is available, you can restore your add-ons with the simple work around. We know how important addons are to you and apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks to Firefox for his apologizing and the technical process shown the way to restore Firefox add-ons back.

How to restore hidden or missing Firefox 7 add-ons:

  • At first go to Add-on Recovery Tool page.
  • Then click the + Add to Firefox green button to install to your Firefox 7.
  • Now click Install Now in the dialog confirmation that display.
  • Wait for a minute to get installed successfully.
  • After that click Restart Firefox to finish the steps.

Once you click on Restart Firefox, then it will automatically close your Firefox windows and once again restore you back wherever you are by displaying new add-ons been added.

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