Replace Stock Slide Gesture Method On The Lock Screen Using Pinch-to-Unlock Tweak To Unlock iOS Devices

Those who are on to unlocking iOS devices then they must be knowing that Cydia is full of packages and surprises that brings hidden functionality to Apple’s mobile OS. It also plays home to multiple tweaks that exist simply to change a small portion of the way iOS works. So to justify that a new tweak ha been developed which changes Apple’s slide to unlock feature and allows users to slide their finger across a banner to gain access to the device. The Pinch to Unlock Cydia package is such a jailbreak that gives answer to our questions.

The normal method of sliding to unlock the device users will now be able to use a pinch gesture on the display to get into the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. So for newbies a pinch is a multiple point touch gesture that involves bringing two fingers together on the display it is the same gesture that is used throughout iOS for things like zooming out of images and websites through the Mobile Safari browser.

Feature of Pinch to Unlock

  • Requires no user input or setting up
  • After installation of package it will run immediately without any additional settings or options
  • Offers a set of new features
  • Offers a gesture


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