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Skype Calls & Video Calls Recording Applications Download
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Record Skype Audio & Video Calls Instantly Online

As you all know Skype is one of the best VOIP application around the world till yet. With the Skype people used to make free audio and video calls instantly with friends or relatives or families etc over Skype. It also provides you to make cheap international calls and text with a cashing credit card.

Skype Calls Recording

Giving all these features it doesn’t have a built in functions to record audio and video calls instantly online. If someone wishes to save calls and video calls unfortunately it fails because Skype doesn’t offer to do it. What all you need to have to do just take help of third party software or add-ons/plugins to record Skype calls in quick time.

Well to help people is my duty so to know about the mystery behind to record Skype calls go through the articles. Users are advised to always inform the other party/parties that they are going to record their conversation, the purpose of recording the call, or where the recordings will be used or posted. Let me discuss about the recording tools that help you in real time.

MX Skype Recorder is a tool that works wonderfully with Skype and other VOIP app like Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk. It supports automatic mode and more importantly it works in all types of PC to PC, PC to Mobile and Skype conversations. The benefits you get while using the application is that it records conversations in single or dual audio track.

IMCapture is a tool help you record audio calls in quick time over Skype. In addition, its record video sessions as well. Apart from Skype it integrates with Yahoo Messenger and Face Time. It is free and user-friendly.

Record Skype Calls & Video Calls

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