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Indian Railways helpline for women's safety or security
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Indian Railways run helpline specially for women’s security

Here is a good news for all the Indian as well as Abroad that the Indian Railway government is going to launch helpline service for women’s security. Most of the countries around world today give their most attention towards women’s security, at the same time India is not far behind from them.

Railway helpline for women security

Today there are bunch of apps available for women security or women’s safety. After all that security apps for women safety Indian Railway launches helpline for women’s security. According to blogs.wsj.com the Indian Railway to boost safety of women and elephants. The reason why Indian Railway want to do so, recently an elephant died by a rail and not all women are safe while they travelling through trains.

Railway helpline for women’s security

Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal has promised a 24X7 helpline for women that will be tracked real time, with top priority accorded to safety of passengers, especially women, while he making rail budget Tuesday. He said, “The safety and security of passengers, especially women, is top priority of the Indian Railways,”

He also added “It’s not possible to deploy women constables in each of the 51,000 coaches. But soon there would be round-the-clock toll-free helpline for women and this will be tracked on real-time basis.”

According to Mr Bansal, no male passenger travels in all-women coaches for the security of women in trains and most suggestions for women’s safety have come from the public.

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