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Delete Temp Files From iPhone, iPad With PhoneClean 2.0.2
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Clean Unnecessary Files From iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch With PhoneClean 2.0.2 Automatically

Now free up space of your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch memory using PhoneClean 2.0.0 software. Using this app you can delete unnecessary files that are being found on the iDevices. Each and every day you do various work with your devices and at regular basis some temporary files consumed your memory space that makes your device run slow.

PhoneClean 2.0.2

PhoneClean is a free tool which safely finds and remove all kinds of iOS system junk files to cleanup and speedup your iDevices even no jailbreak is required. It looks for hidden temp files and cleanup corrupt media files produced by iTunes failed syncs, delete cookies and script files on your iPhone before backing it up to iTunes or iCloud.

To prevent the leak or the abuse of your personal information, deletes cache and offline files in order to keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running safe and fast. The point to be remembered before running this tool that if PhoneClean can’t find your iDevice please do check your iTunes installation or give the full pack version a try.

Download PhoneClean 2.0.2 for iOS

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