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Motorola Launched Motocast Service For Motorola Devices
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Motorola Launched Motocast Cloud Based Service For Motorola Devices

Motorola launched Motocast, a cloud based storage for mobile. Previously Motorola launched a cloud based storage for mobile known as Zumo Drive which is going to be shut down. Motorola decided to shut down Zumo Drive which is no longer available for users. Zumo Drive, will not be available to users from June 1 2012. The content remaining in your Zumo Drive account will be securely deleted with in that date.

So no longer you can use your Zumo Drive account. By the way you can use Motocast service on behalf of Zumo Drive. MotoCast is also a cloud based storage for mobile to take your music, photos, videos, and documents with you, wherever you go. This free service provides two easy solutions to access your media and files on your Motorola device, MotoCast Wireless and MotoCast USB.

MotoCast Wireless allows you to stream your media anywhere means music, videos and photos can be safely streamed to your Motorola mobile device. You can also access your documents remotely without having to upload or sync them.

Where as MotoCast USB is to sync your phone’s content. You can synced photos, videos, music and podcasts between your mobile device and your computer. You can backup your contacts and SD card content from mobile to PC. It also check new device software updates. So visit Motocast today and start your journey with MotoCast.

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