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Media Player Classic BE For Windows Free Download
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Download Media Player Classic – BE For Windows Free

As you all know there are now available a bunch of media players for Windows over the internet absolutely free. And on the other hand Windows Media Player had been loaded by default in Windows and we all love to use it to play some audios and videos for entertainment. But unfortunately it doesn’t support all types of format so it needs additional codecs to be installed.


On the contrary, there are many media players available which comes with added codecs with supporting multiple formats. Media Player Classic BE is one of those media players that comes with additional features and bug fixes. MPC BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows. The Black Edition (BE) mod is a skinned edition of Media Player Classic Home Cinema that comes with better looking than the ordinary old MPC.

You can feel if you once use this new MPC BE media player for windows free. So start enjoying music with MPC BE and have a lot of fun with the tiny media player.

Download Media Player Classic BE

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