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Logo Programming Language Software's For Kids
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Logo (Logic Oriented Graphic Oriented) Programming Language Software’s For Kids

Students we need a language to communicate with each other. Similarly, for communicating with a computer, we need to know its language. Here you are going to learn a computer language – LOGO. It stands for Logic Oriented Graphic Oriented. It is a beginning for kids to learn what actual computer is and how well does it works.


LOGO is a very sophisticated and simple language with which kids or beginners of computer can learn how to type, draw and calculate. So, it’s a better to learn and access first with LOGO programming language to enter into the computer world. There are free and commercial version available till date to download for Windows over the internet. For an ordinary people it is available both DOS and GUI. You can check it at below links given in listed. Before you go just learn to start PC LOGO.

How to work or start with LOGO:

  •  At initial stage, you need to Turn On your computer.
  • Once your Windows display, click the Start button.
  • It will show all programs and installed programs, here what you need to do just go to All Programs.
  • Then go to PC LOGO.
  • Click the PC LOGO to open.

Check out the list of Logo for Windows desktop below:

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  • chanda December 31, 2012, 6:16 PM

    here i got my original logo…

    now i have no obstacles to teach my students..
    thanx a lot once again

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