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How to Lock BSNL Landline Outgoing Call with 4 Digit Code
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How to Lock BSNL Landline Outgoing Call with 4 Digit Lock Code

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is one of the lagest cellular providers in India. One of my friends asked me how can I lock BSNL Landline outgoing calls. I just replied make your BSNL landline Sulabha. He smile and ask me again, actually I want to lock my BSNL landline so that anyone can not use this before unlocking. Then we both are going to our BSNL Cellular service providers office and asked one costumer executive the same question. You can’t believe this he also replied the same answer as I replied to my friend. Then after getting our point he gave us the real solution which is given below.

Now you can easily lock BSNL landline outgoing calls. You can lock BSNL landline by lock code. The BSNL landline locking systen is so easy. The below tutorial is all about how to lock BSNL landline outgoung calls. To lock BSNL landline outgoing you have to activate BSNL STD calling service feature. But some of them also said you can lock BSNL landline phone without STD service. We only got how to lock/unlock BSNL Landline outgoing call with 4 digit lock code. Like locking unlocking BSNL landline outgoing call is also easy.

How to Lock BSNL Landline Outgoing Call

  1. From your BSNL landline service call 123
  2. After hearing a beep sound give 4 digit lock code (twice) for registration. For Example if your lock code is 1234, call 123 after beep dial 1234 1234
  3. Then your lock code is activated

Note– Always remember your lock code to unlock the outgoing call. After one time registration just dial lock code once after 123 for lock. Means Call 123 after beep dial 1234

How to Unlock BSNL Landline Outgoing Call

  1. To unlock call 124 and after beep dial your 4-digit lock code. Means call 124 after beep dial 1234

Note- Before making any outgoing call you must have to unlock the phone. To unlock dial 124 (4-digit lock code)

I think you can get it. After applying this tutorial you BSNL landline phone outgoing call is locked. If you have any trouble just give your comment below.

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  • SANJEEV April 29, 2012, 4:01 AM

    Hello to u sir ,
    I m sanjeev rai sending u this mail after studing your above mentioned note about a very good cause of locking and unloxking defenetally it will save some telephone bill too.
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    Thanks lot sir may god bless u because u are trying hard for some good deeds too.

    sanjeev From NAGPUR

  • Krishna September 21, 2012, 12:33 PM

    For 100% protection against improper use, you can lock your telephone electronically. Here, you only know the secret code. You can lock/allow Local, STD or ISD calls in many way viz. all calls allowed, only local calls allowed, only STD & Local calls allowed, all outgoing calls barred etc. Register Secret Code Suppose you want to make 5555 your secret code. Follow this procedure to register this: Dial 123 5555 5555 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Your code is registered. Change secret code Suppose you want to change current code 5555 to 4444 then Dial 123 5555 4444 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Your new code(4444) is registered. Bar/Open Facilities using Secret Code(example 5555) Bar STD/ISD calls Dial 124 5555 1 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD/ISD calls will be barred . Open STD/ISD calls Dial 124 5555 0 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD/ISD calls can be made. Open STD calls only Dial 124 5555 3 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD calls can be made. Bar STD/ISD/manual trunck calls Dial 124 5555 2 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD/ISD/manual trunck calls will be barred . (It will also bar calls to 95 level). Bar local calls Dial 124 5555 4 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now localcalls will be barred .(applicable only if STD Facility is available). Open local calls only Dial 124 5555 1 or 2 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now Local calls can be made.

    • lucky September 22, 2012, 3:26 PM

      Thanks for this valuable information and we hope that this information shall be very useful for our viewers also.

  • Tajuddin November 13, 2012, 3:14 PM

    as per guidelines i tried to lock but it’s not work out????

  • J.Irfan Basha January 12, 2013, 11:13 AM

    i forgot the 4 digit code of unlocking., then how i reset that for outgoing call….

  • February 19, 2013, 11:21 AM

    I have registered my locking code.I got confirmation that my locking code registered.Now for locking I dialed 123 then dialed locking code but it is not locking.Please help me to lock u/g calls

  • ritu September 30, 2014, 2:45 PM

    i have activated lock code many time i have unlocking with 124-ABCD-4 but ther is no dial tone

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