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Download Free Instagram & Posterous iPhone Apps
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New Smartphone Apps For Your iPhone

There are some 225,000 mobile applications available for the iPhone now and 70,000 for Android. This latest edition of our favorite smartphone apps include a few in testing, a few which we are madly in love with. Some of the most useful smartphone apps here for your iPhone.

1. Instagram iPhone App : The Instagram app is a original app which has so may good features such as a photo-sharing service and image editor. With a number of built-in filters, you can turn your iPhone photos into more attractive and interesting versions of themselves. Then share them either publicly or privately with fellow app users. Your friends’ photos are in a section called “Feed” and the most popular photos from across Instagram are found in the “Popular” section. If you are not able to do the same, you must go for the app like this. It is very easy and fun making app which is fully free for download.
Download Instagram iPhone App

2. Posterous iPhone App : The Posterous iPhone App is one of the important app that helps you to minimalist blogging platform. The new Posterous app lets you post, manage your settings, upload media and geo-tag updates. So, for more go for a look to video of the Posterous iPhone app. This app also available for free download.
Download free Posterous iPhone App

Watch the Video of Posterous App :

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