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Add Live Chat On Wordpress Website Free - ICQ 8 IM
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Make Free Video Calls, Cheap Mobile Calls & More With ICQ 8

ICQ is an instant messaging and became the first Internet wide instant messaging service later patenting the technology. You can say ICQ is the best alternatives compared to Skype not up to mark but its up to OK level. With ICQ 8 you can make free voice and video calls. It keeps a best price offer to make cheap mobile phone calls with a bunch of social networks to use in ICQ.


With ICQ Instant Messenger you can send email to any person, unlimited SMS to friends instantly. In addition, you can transfer files and URLs using ICQ app on Windows PC. Well, it is not necessary to be touched with your computer all time may be you are away from your system and want to access ICQ features.

Don’t worry you can do it just navigating to ICQ2Go online and works fine on any computer. So now no more to think twice when you are away from your system and not restricting yourself to chat with friends and contacts even where the ICQ client is not installed. Discussing ICQ features to the further, it lets you to customize ICQ as you want and keep you up to date by adding shortcuts to your favorite features in order to launch instantly.

Using ICQ 8 you can share photo and videos to social networks with a one click, choose emoticons from the list to send to online friends. It gives a Multiple Instance Login so no matters where you end the messages from which devices whether you ended it from the computer and started with mobile no such problem.

Note: For bloggers it’s a great news to add ICQ 8 instant message chat on WordPress sidebar to get touch with your site visitors instantly to get hold of the dilemma and sort it out at the same time online.

Download ICQ 8 for Windows

Download ICQ On-Site Beta WordPress Plugin

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