Humble Bundle 4 for Android Offers Premium Games at Lowest Price

Although I mentioned Humble Bundle 4 for Android offers premium games at lowest price that does not means you to pay a specific price to get the selected games. Just contribute any amount to charity and enjoy premium games at the price you want. Just pay as you want, support charity and get cross platform games. The games are also including soundtracks for your listening pleasure.

Here is a good news for the Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users that a new version of the Humble Bundle application released by which you can pay as you want and get premium games at the price you pay. The Humble Bundle 4 offers some premium games like Machinarium, Splice, and Waking Mars in bundles. You can also get five bonus games with an average of $6.58.

According to my post head line the the Humble Bundle 4 released for Android but this is also available in PC version and as well for Mac OS X and Linux. The five bonus games are Avadon- The Black Fortress, Canabalt, Cogs, Swords and Soldiers HD and Zen Bound 2. So you can play on a small screen as well on a bigger screen.

So just pay as you want and contribute to the charity. For more details and to access Humble Bundle 4 for Android visit here.

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