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Step by Step Procedure to Upgrade Microsoft Office 2010 to Office 2013
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Upgrade Microsoft Office 2010 to Office 2013 : How To

The latest version of Microsoft’s Office, Office 2013 for Technet and MSDN Subscribers has been already rolled out by Microsoft. It is expected to launch Next Year for Users, but till then Microsoft has announced a 60 Days Full Trial Version of its Office 2013 for Users.

The new Office 2013 is loaded with all new attractive as well as interactive features and is Windows 8 User Interface friendly. The new Microsoft Office 2013 features touch optimized Interface, PDF editing in Word, allows the User to stay connected with people to work using Outlook & Lync and many more additional features. For more detailed features of Office 2013, Click Here.

An user can easily get upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013 from Microsoft Office 2010, similar to previous Office versions. Also similar to previous version, the User can keep all previous versions and run Microsoft Office 2013 simultaneously along with older versions of MS Office. Even if the User uses Office 2013 and Office 2010 simultaneously, the User will be able to use only one version of Outlook at a time.

How to Upgrade to MS Office 2013 from Office 2010 ?

    • To get your Microsoft Office 2010 Upgraded to Office 2013, Prepare its installation procedure by running the set up file.

    • Accept the License Terms and Conditions and then Click on Continue.

    • Then in the next step if you want your Office to get upgraded then click on “Upgrade” and in case you want to install Office 2013 along with the previous version of Office Suite then click on “Customize”.

    • Under the Upgrade option you will get three options, “Remove all previous versions”, “Keep all Previous versions” and “Remove only the following Applications”. These three options let you to either Remove all previous programs or Keep previous versions or even remove some of the selected Office applications.

    • Then Click on “Install Now” to start Installation process.

    • After the installation gets complete, close the installer and your Office 2013 is ready to use.

These are the steps to Upgrade to Office 2013 from Office 2010. Now Microsoft is offering free MS Office 2013 upgrade for its Office 2010 users. Also checkout the hardware requirements for Office 2013. Download MS Office Professional Plus 2013 Free Trial Version for 60 Days.

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