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How To Run Backup Games On Playstation 3 (All Firmware)
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How To Run Backup Games On Playstation 3 (All Firmware)

After the cfw 3.55 there is no such custom firmware released that could run backup games on your playstation 3. If your playstation 3 has firmware version above 3.55 then it is impossible for you to play backup games on it. Also now the new games those are released for playstation 3 wont run on 3.55 firmware. For that you need to yupdate your playstation 3 firmware version.

So today I will tell you how you can play backup games on your playstation 3. This includes tutorial for all firmware versions, so here how it goes.

  • Remember in this present situation, beyond firmware version 3.55 you cannot load cfw so the first thing is to downgrade your ps3 to 3.55 if you have firmare version above 3.55.
  •  This you can do with the help of e3flasher. This is a hardware device which you need to buy online here. Its a plug and play device which ships with all types of accesories needed to downgrade your ps3 and instruction.
  • You also need an additional harddisk in order to load the 3.55 cfw.
  • After you successfully downgraded and updated to cfw 3.55 its time to buy a trueblue JB2 dongle from here.
  • Trueblue JB2 dongle is needed to play games above 3.60 on cfw 3.55 firmware.

So this is how for now you can play pirated/backup games on playstation 3.

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