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How to Rotate Photo in iOS 5 | Edit Photo in iPhone
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How Can I Flip or Rotate My Photo in iOS 5 [Guide]

Sometime what happen you take snapshots of some scenery but you never no the taken photos displays correctly or just make your head round to see properly. So you tries to re-correct to its actual position which outputs well to visual. However, if your are using iPhone or iPad you just wonder for the steps to rotate photos in iOS 5 correctly.

If so then here is a quick help for you to rotate unorthodox images in straight forward visual looks see below for more instructions.

How to rotate photo in iOS 5 :

  • At first open the images app.
  • Then tap the photo you want to rotate.
  • Now tap Edit.
  • Again tap the rotate button on the left buttom, which looks like an upward arrow curving to the left.
  • Now rotate the photo in 90 degrees to left. Tap until you received the desired rotation.
  • After that tap Save.

That’s it! Now you can view your unorthodox photo in correct manner. Hope the above steps make you pleased if yes simply give your feedback!

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