Smiley are something that can be used to express our feelings on Facebook. Whether you’re feeling elated, overjoyed, goofy or downright jolly, express it with a funky digital smile. Smiley faces makes your friends on Facebook understand what exactly you are upto other than text, and are easy to make with a few easy keystrokes.

How to Make Smiley For Facebook

    • First of all write a sentence of your own to make your smiley meaningful.
    • Choose the smiley of your choice from the given options.Happy :)
      • Very happy =)
      • Grinning :D
      • Cat smiling ^_^
      • Wink smile ;)
      • Goofy smile 8)
      • Tongue sticking out :p
      • Smiling devil 3:)
      • Smiling angel 0:)