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How To Jailbreak/Root Samsung Galaxy Note
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How To Jailbreak/Root Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung galaxy Note is a smart phone cum tablet that has been launched by samsung. It has enormous features due to its android operating system and is a great all round performer. Now a days each and every gadget is been jailbroken because after jailbreaking a device you can have access to those features that are hidden underneath your gadget so how could this device remain silent for so long. I have now come up to you with a tutorial to show how you can jailbreak your samsung galaxy note by following some simple steps.

Note:- Jailbreaking or rooting any of your gadget will void the warranty so I urge people not to proceed forward without proper knowledge. Do this at your own risk and for samsung galaxy note, remember that there is no way of backing out in the middle of the operation because till now the proper method to do a flashing this device is unknown. Therefore we will be not responsible for any mishap that happens in the middle of the operation. So now lets continue to the next level.

Tools & Requirements (click to download desired app)

Before proceeding one point to remember is that the current jailbreak on samsung galaxy note works on android 2.3.5 gingerbread os. So before starting get confirmed about the OS that you are using.

How To Jailbreak/Root samsung galaxy note on Android 2.3.5 gingerbread OS

  • First thing you need to do is to download all the applications that is mentioned above after that install samsung kies on your pc. This is a pc suit for samsung devices that will ensure that ODIN is able to detect the device that you are plugin in.
  • Now go and install ODIN 1.85 and open it to launch.
  • Now you need to bring down your samsung galaxy note to Download mode. You can do this by following this simple method, switch off your device and press the volume up and down method and you will see that your device is starting in the download mode.
  • After that wait for sometime untill unless ODIN recognizes your device, You cannot continue further until unless your device is being recognized by the ODIN.
  • Now that your device is detected by the aODIN, click the PDA button and navigate to netchip-cwm-update2.tar.
  • Click on Start. netchip-cwm-update2.tar and it will now be flashed on to your phone and the device will reboot.
  • Now you have to enter into the recovery mode and to do this  follow this method accordingly after your device restarts ” press and hold volume up button, then the home button along with the power button”. Successfully completion of this method will divert your phone to the recovery mode.
  • Till now if the operations that we carried out goes successfully then you should now find yourself entered the ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery.
  • Navigate to install superuser from your sd card > choose zip from sdcard > (You need to copy this on to your SD card to install).
  • Finally after all this gets over its time to reboot Samsung galaxy note to get the final result.

Here is video tutorial to show How to Jailbreak/Root Samsung Galaxy Note.


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