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Change Way2sms User Account Password [How to Guide]
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How to Create Way2sms Profile & Change Way2sms User Account Password

Way2Sms is an amazing site which offered users to send unlimited messages to any mobile in India. If you have a Way2Sms account then you can send unlimited sms to any mobile phone in India without paying any subscription fees. You can send quick sms and can see sent sms inside your way2sms profile. You can also send group sms in way2sms. So this allows you to send unlimited messages to any mobile operator in India. Now if you have not a way2sms account now you can easily create way2sms account by login the site. Here what I discussed about, how to create way2sms account, how to change account setting, how to change user account password or how to change way2sms account password.

How to Create Way2Sms Account

  1. At first visit way2sms site here.
  2. If you have an account then give your mobile no & password to enter way2sms. Otherwise click on REGISTER HERE highlighted in red colour.
  3. Then fill the form and click Verify & Register.
  4. Now your account has been registered and you will receive a password on your mobile phone which allows you to login way2sms.
  5. Now go to way to sms and give your mobile phone number and password to open your account.

You can change account setting by clicking on Setting just left side of your Way2Sms profile. In the setting you can first find the General Setting, in which you can change Name, Date of birth, Profession and City. Then here you are in Account Setting. In account setting you can Change E-Mail ID, Change Mobile Number and Change Password.

How to change way2sms Login e-mail id : In Setting go to Account then you can see 3 boxes. In first box you can change your Login e-mail id. Just enter new Login e-mail id and click on Modify.

How to Change Mobile Number in Way2sms : If you have lost your old mobile phone number or change your mobile number then you can also change your mobile number in Way2sms. Here is the same in Setting go to Account then in Change Mobile Number box click on Edit to change Change Mobile Number. Give your new mobile number there.

How to Change Way2Sms Password :In the 3rd box Change Password option click on Edit. Another box will appear. Give your old password, new password and Confirm New Password to change way2sms password.

That is all about way2sms. If you know more about this or want to know more about this that means how to send sms via way2sms or many more tips then just give your comments.

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