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How To Change Facebook Profile Theme | Add FB Profile Themes
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How To Change Facebook Profile Theme Using PageRage Toolbar

These days, Facebook is becoming to be most popular social networking sites where you can find lots of things integrated inside it. For that reason Facebook ranks 2 all over the world just after Google.

Anyways, using Facebook you can do lots of activity such as chit-chat, uploading videos & photos, sharing your thoughts, liking someone valuable share, linking popular sites content, playing FB popular game like CityVille and so on.

For this reason, most of the people like to use Facebook rather that other networking sites. But do you know using FB you can change your layout themes with most attractive and in an eye catching way.

If you are really interested to apply those beautiful themes in your Facebook then you have to follow those few steps that is given below.

How to change Facebook Theme :

  • Initially you have to visit PageRage home page.
  • Then in the homepage you can find click to download.
  • Click on it to save that file on your system.
  • After you finished your download, open download containing file.
  • Double click or open it to get install YontooClientSetup on your system.
  • Click next and do nothing the rest process will be done by PageRage.
  • Here you have successfully installed PageRage plugin into your PC.
  • Soon after then open your Facebook Account.
  • Then again visit PageRage home page.
  • From there choose your favorite FB profile layouts.
  • After choosing layout, click all pages and then select.
  • Yup, you have done and go to your facebook the theme has been applied.

There is an another process to apply those FB layout themes directly while staying in Facebook. Just see below of your profile Friends you can find an options Change Layout and Remove Layout. From there you can instantly change your FB skin layout. Just see the picture given below so that you can have some idea.

That’s it! I hope this article can make you pleased but if you face any kinds of problems while following the above steps subsequently ask me how.

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