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Recycle Old Mobile Phones For Cash at ATM Machine
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Have an Old Out of Order Mobile ? Recycle it For Cash at ATM Machine

A new recycling ATM machine is coming soon which shall take away an old mobile phone for recycling and pay back cash. This new gadget offers an offers users who is an owner of a discarded mobile phone to trade it for Cash.

Almost all have an Old Mobile phone which must be laundering somewhere around a corner of the house. Here is an ecoATM which is rolled out by a Californian Company which has enough knowledge to track if a screen of a mobile phone is cracked and can evaluate unwanted goods for resale and recycling purposes in the mean while inspiring all people to go green.

The old Mobile phones which we believe to be worthless, do still have some value in the market. The Spare parts of the handset or the unwanted metal parts inside the handset, after getting them melted do have some value in the market. This ecoATM is developed with the support from the US National Science Foundation (NSF).

Mark Bowles, The Company Co-Founder, said “The basic technologies of machine vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics that we use have existed for many years, but none have been applied to the particular problem of consumer recycling”. He also added “But we’ve done much more than just apply existing technology to an old problem – we developed significant innovations for each of those basic elements to make the system commercially viable”.

“We are now able to tell the difference between cracked glass on a phone, which is an inexpensive fix, versus a broken display or bleeding pixels, which is generally fatal for the device”, Mr.Bowles added.

The ecoATM uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to differentiate among the consumer electronic products and calculates its market value. Then after the valuation of the electronic device is completed then the user has to decide whether to accept or to decline from the deal. If the user accepts the value then he/she can go for payment options which includes recieving cash or store credit or you can donate the total value or a part of it to several charities.

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