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How To Remove or Uninstall Google Update Plugin Firefox
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How To Take Off Google Update From Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser that allows you to surf and browse anything via internet. It is free, fast, small and reliable for that its popularity is growing at a highest peak. Anyway, actually what happens during installation Firefox by default it select the Google toolbar and in an addition Google Update is also installed as a Firefox Plugin or extensions.

But, this may not be relevant to everyone, when you try to remove or take off Google Update plugin. For a while, it’s OK but when Google apps or Google Chrome are updated once again it comes to be visible. Yup, there is a solution to remove or take off Google Update.exe file with an empty, read only file to prevent the program from running.

Quick tips to remove/take off Google update from Firefox:

  • At first, click Windows Start to find the Search input box.
  • Type GoogleUpdate.exe into the search input box 7 press enter.
  • Click the Windows “Start” button to expose the Search input box.
  • Now the list of the file will be visual in the search results.
  • Right click on the GoogleUpdate.exe entry and choose Open Location.
  • Update executable file will open from the folder.
  • Now delete  the GoogleUpdate.exe file from the location. (If firefox is the only program using the updater)
  • Under other circumstances, move the file to a new location and change the paths in any apps that will use the updater.
  • Here you have to right click inside the right pane of the folder containing the GoogleUpdate.exe file.
  • Then click New and click Text File. You can find open a blank text file.
  • After that click off the icon to save the file and right click on the file and select Rename.
  • Now type GoogleUpdate.exe to give destination name to the empty text file.
  • After that right click on the GooleUpdate.exe icon and choose Properties.
  • Now check the Read Only check box and click OK.

That’s it! From now onwards Google Update may not updates Firefox. Hope the above steps are quite helpful for you.

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