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Google Banned Over 50 Millions URLs Upon Copyright DMCA Request
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Over 50 Millions URLs Got Banned On Google Search Upon Copyright DMCA Request

Now Google has become an Angry Search Engine and removing all bad URLs website from its search engine upon Copyright DMCA request. According to the record, Google have removed over 50 million URLs and still going on quite successfully. Once upon a time, Google was getting 1.2 million URL removal requests in a month.

Google DMCA Copyright

But with growing websites with more piracy contents Google is bound to take such kinds of decision upon the DMCA request from the Copyright holders. According to TorrentFreak countdown it crunched on 2012 of 51,395,353 URLs from its search results. The numbers also show that the amount of requests has continued its upward spiral.

Now Google becomes strict and taking strong action against bad link website request upon Copyright holders. To have a good friendly relationship with its searcher and to get them into original and right place is the work of Google. For this few reasons the blogger have to be in disappointment times. But in prospect of the user or people it’s trying to be crystal clear with neat and niche instead of adware and popups.

As I discussed just above the numbers began to go way up around May 2013. In recent, Google received requests to remove a whopping 3,502,345 URLs from its results. You can’t imagine that the number for removal is 15 times the amount the company got per week at the initial of the year. Isn’t it a shocking to hear, the Recording Industry Association of America is the number one source for these requests. In 2K12, they were responsible for 7,816,766 URL has taken down requests. Read more on TorrentFreak.

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