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India have to get Petrol from Air
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India have to get Gasoline from Air

Obtain gasoline from the air? It is just like a dream to you because in India gasoline is a big problem in every bodies kitchen.  Now every common Indian is suffering from lack of gasoline for their cooking purpose but it is possible now that we can obtain gasoline from air. Let’s watch how did it possible and it’s all application in foreign countries.

In England they have succeeded for a miracle style water turned into wine which is simply give an result of an investment of 1.1 million pounds Air Fuel Synthesis LTD made to carry his own discovery. Combining an unusual chemical reaction with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and hydrogen water has managed to create 5 liters of petrol. Do you think to create five liters of fuel were needed three months. From August the Air Fuel Synthesis has put into operation. You can imagine that in India the petrol price is so much that a common man have to offer this in a hard process. Due to petrol hike everything is rising from it’s base value. That’s why this petrol obtaining process from Air will be helpful for our future generation.

According to estimates by the British startup to operate a plant of 1 ton of fuel per day takes 3 MW of electricity, which can be supplied by wind turbines. They are estimating that the derived fuel cost will be 4 to 6 pounds per gallon.Which means we can get 5 lit of gasoline at just Rs. 300 to Rs. 400. I think in this situation for lack of gasoline in India, this is precisely the area in which India Government must focus at the moment. The Air Fuel Synthesis of Stockton-on-Tees said to have produced five liters of petrol ‘synthetic’ when, in August, has operated its refinery to test the technology, according to the company, allows to obtain fuel from carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. The research ‘was funded by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, which describes the technique on his website.

There are currently no scientific publications for this news but for the process of capture of CO2 from the air and then produce gasoline from it through photosynthesis process is an awesome invention. This could create an revolution in Indian economy and can control our ecosystem. I think this process must be evolved in India and should act properly for all propose. Petrol from Air will get an revolution that Indian economy will be balanced for all sectors. This must be the perfect way to solve our power problems and will release a common man from big economical burdens.

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