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Get Huge Discounts on Ford Focus EV
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Get Huge Discounts on Ford Focus EV

This is really a good news for the Ford lovers those who are still looking to buy a new Ford luxurious car. Ford offers huge discount on Ford Focus EV. The Focus EV is the most fuel-efficient compact car in America and it is an all-electric vehicle. Thus it is a electric vehicle so most of the consumers afraid to get one. So the company brings big discount on purchasing a Ford Focus EV.

ford focus EV

Depending on your driving conditions the Focus Electric can go up to 76 miles at one time charge. Before you going to drive the car you have to fully charge it. The Ford Focus Electric battery is located at the rear of the vehicle, under the rear passenger seat. Due to Ford facing difficulties for selling the new Focus electric vehicle, Focus EV.

So to buy the electric vehicle Ford has announced discounts of over $10,000 for people who lease the electric vehicle. The Consumers who wish to get a three-year lease the company gives $10,750 off the lease price. It the costumer pay cash, (cash purchase) Ford has dropped the base price by $2000.

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