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How To Fix Broken Or Corrupted AVI Video Files On Windows Free
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How To Fix Broken Or Corrupted AVI Video Files On Windows Free

Sometime what happened one of your favorite AVI video files get corrupted or broken due to accidently restart PC or from the virus attacks. So, you won’t be able to get a chance to watch your favorite videos once more. What to do here if you are not a computer perfectionist. No problem just download DivFix++ software for Windows to repair broken or corrupt AVI video files within a few minutes.


DivFix++ is a utility designed to repair broken AVI videos and also preview partially downloaded movies. Very often I have noticed whenever I tried to download some video file, few files may not downgrade properly and so they would need repairing. Or you may simply want to make sure that the file name corresponds to the actual content which you can check with the preview tool.

DivFix++ can be accessible by beginners and even by professional users use the application with an ease. What’s more interesting is it has the ability to repair multiple files instead of a single file. So, with just a click you can fix a large number of AVI files that you want. Once the files got fixed or repaired you can get back your broken file into an original output.

Download DivFix++

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  • Sandy Paul January 29, 2013, 3:40 AM

    To fix corrupt MP4 file on the Mac operating system I have used the Repair MP4 software which repaired my corrupted video with so ease and there was no drawback like no further chances of the video file corruption. For the complete assistance of the software follow it,

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