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Customize Your Facebook Homepage Login Look With FB Refresh
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Customize Your Facebook Homepage Login Look As You Like

If we talk about the best social network, Facebook will be in the top in the list of social networks. And it is one of the easiest ways to be connected with friends, families, relatives or colleagues on FB. It offers too many features to function in same time so no more looking for an alternative. But have you ever marked when do you go to log in to Facebook you came into the view of same homepage login.

FB Refresh

Do you wish to customize your Facebook homepage login look according to your style? If yes then here you can find the best application that can make your dream into reality. It is a FB Refresh application for Chrome web browser that helps you to set a custom image URL as your facebook homepage wallpaper. So you’ll never have to see the same login page again.

But to use this free service you should have installed Google Chrome web browser on your computer. This FB Refresh extension currently uses CSS with minimal JavaScript which means that it keeps ability to load fast than your expectation. It doesn’t affect any other part of your Facebook and never to your personal data, passwords of the like.

How to change Facebook Login Background:

  • At intial stage, install or add FB Refresh Chrome extension.
  • Then visit to to log in.
  • After that click the settings “cog” icon.
  • Now enter an image URL in the box or upload an image and adjust other settings you like.
  • Once completed above steps, visit and enjoy (while you are logged out).
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