Facebook Introduces New iMingle App to Play

Facebook mostly popular for its new develop app and other features as well. Facebook offer an abundant of popular apps to play such as FarmVille, CityVille, Mafia Wars and so on. But, this app may be common for you playing quite regular basis. Right, so here we are going to share and chance to become mingle from single while playing iMingle Facebook App.

Facebook iMingle is really interesting app to play where you can find full-time fun with masala mix entertainment. iMingle is very much helpful for single status folks because it gives you chance to change your status by flirting or by convincing him/her towards you showing your artistic skills like smartness, cleverness, talent, innocent etc which can turns you from single to mingle.

Apart from that, you can share your webcam while playing iMingle, see our earlier post how to activate facebook video calling. You can make chat using Private Message, if you think some friends irritates you then you can throw tomato on them using Tomato fight, you can even use Flirt options as a quick reply to your dearest one for example, Hi, what’s up?, What is your name?, You’re hot! and so on.

You can add some of your favorite YouTube video for playback in real-time. Just you need to copy the YouTube URL and paste it to YouTube copy URL after that comment your clip and at last update your status clicking Add Clip. In addition, if you find no fun and entertainment you can move to Next Room on the contrary you can hit Go to Lobby to choose in which groups you want to go and have fun!

Thanks to iMingle developer to develop such unique kinds of app for Facebook and iMingle is not developed by facebook. So, are you ready to be mingle then rush it to iMingle from your facebook account. It’s really easy to play and to appear iMingle on facebook. Just you need to follow a few steps to play which we are going to tell in our next articles with video guide iMingle facebook.


    • pintu says

      If you want this then you have to read our articles thoroughly to get hold of with it.. Its really easy sharah just search imingle from fb search engine and select go to app for more go through our articles. Hope you understand :)

    • pintu says

      Dhine, good questions! Its very easy just click new event and fill up the blank for formalities to show world and to excite people to join your iMingle group.

  1. Ho do i remove my Imingle room or lobby? says

    i created 2 imingle rooms, now i did not find the tab to remove my imingle room. please advice me .


    • says

      Helo tanya….at iMINGLE you can send feed back to iMingle as a question or suggestion and feedback that “remove my events” they will proceed for it if we found something different solution, we will update you further as well you must do so for us.

  2. har23 says

    cannot play, only loading room background, first time i can play then go to lobby loading room background. sorry for my english

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