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Earn Money using adf.ly shorten urls
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Earn Money using adf.ly shorten urls

In many ways people earn money online. URL shortener service is one way to earn money online easily. Not everyone like adf.ly, so if you do not know about adf.ly then let you clear that adf.ly is a free URL shortener service get paid to share your links on the web. To do this you have to register an account. After registering an account you will get started. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs.

Adfly URL shortener service to earn money

After creating short URL you can place your links on Twitter, forums, personal websites and any social networking sites like Facebook. So it is one of the best online money making media for you. You can earn as much as you want. It is so simple so earning money over internet is easy for you.

Now here is a question why someone choose adfly. It allows you to earn more than $4.00 per 1000 visitors to your links. If the text space is limited you can get tiny URLs. Means you can make large URL to short URL using this service. The ads appearing is family-safe with no popups. This service gives you 20% commission on reference.

It uses Mass Shrinker, Easy Link, API tool. The adfly URL shorting service offers ad serving either on interstitial pages or using banners. The users who visit your shortened URL have to wait 5 seconds before click on the skip ad button to get to the actual page he/she want to visit.

To register an account just visit adf.ly. So if you regularly surfing internet and wish to earn money from internet with spending few time then use adf.ly free URL shortener service.

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