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iStopMotion for iPad Updated for iPad 3 Retina Display
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iStopMotion for iPad Updated for iPad 3 Retina Display

iStopMotion for iPad is an ipad app to create stop motion animations and time lapse recordings. This iPad app is developed by Boinx software. Now the iStopMotion for iPad updated to support new iPad’s Retina display. This means the iPad 3 owners can download iStopMotion to create claymation or stop action movies. The iStopMotion for iPad HD comes with many new features which are given below.

Key Features of iStopMotion for iPad

  • Camera Overlay – Overlay the current live camera image with the previous one and see the changes unfold before your eyes. Animate more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy.
  • Instant Playback – Being able to play back your work at any time without a long wait leads to instant gratification.
  • Beautiful Timeline – Never get lost in your movie, even if there are hundreds of frames.
  • Share to Camera Roll, Email, YouTube – Move the world, one frame at a time. Edit your masterpiece in iMovie or publish it directly to YouTube.
  • Remote Camera – Position your camera more conveniently or use the better optics of iPhone 4S with iStopMotion Remote Camera (download separately from the app store)

What’s New in iStopMotion for iPad v1.2

  • Gorgeous high resolution (retina) artwork that makes the new iPad shine even more.
  • Support for Full HD (1080p) throughout the app.
  • Optional support for Full HD capturing. This only works with the back camera of the new iPad or by using iPhone 4S as remote camera.
  • Solved a potential crash when doing a longer Time Lapse shot with 1 second interval using the iPad 2 back camera.
  • Made the user interface more delicious in a few places.

Download iStopMotion for iPad from iTunes Store.

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