Google mostly shows you 10 results on single or one page, to find more results you need to navigate next page manually. Sometime you are not pleased with first page results what you do for it, you simply go to next page, if it shows you next or up to 10 page (100 results) in a row on first page. How do you feel, it makes your work easier and life simpler.

If you are using Google Chrome as your primary web-browser, here is a good extensions for you called gInfinity Chrome extensions. These addons helps you to search up to 100 results in one page and no need to navigate to next page for every query. Just scroll your mouse middle point or scroll down and find out your ideal results from Google search engine.

Once you install you find navigation page right, just scroll down and on it opens one after another. I personally used it just install and enjoy it new Chrome extensions free.

gInfinity Chrome Extensions