Download Counter Strike: Global Offensive Map – mg_ghostlysnack_v1_beta

Counter Strike is one of the best counter attacking game so far and over millions of people have played this game once in their life. I also played this game for a long period of time. It’s really interesting, thrilling and exciting to play to kill enemies with your gun. Well, the different and unique maps of Counter Strike made most popular shooting adventure game.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Map

Recently a new Global Offensive Map was introduced by Counter Strike is mg_ghostlysnack_v1_beta. C-S: Global Offensive expands the famous team based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago by adding new maps, characters and weapons to the table.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Map –  mg_ghostlysnack_v1_beta is a simple jungle based map where terrorists have fast speed and knives and CTs have buyzone weapons. CTs will spawned in the bunker with windows, opened doors and wooden doors which Ts can destroy. Terrorists can plant a bomb in the jungle, CTs have to defuse it. Ts have to kill CTs and CTs have to kill T. As you were doing it earlier. Just download this map and install this map into Counter Strike : Global Offensive and start playing and enjoying it.

Download Counter Strike: Global Offensive Map – mg_ghostlysnack_v1_beta

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