Microsoft’s Windows 8 have some amazing tools and we are always discussing about these tools. In all of our Windows 8 tagged posts, we are always discussing about Windows 8 tips, tricks and guides. Here also we have some new discussions about Windows 8.

On Windows 8 we have appropriate tools to change Windows 8 Login background but they will not work on Windows 8 build 7955. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean that background image will not change. I have an way to change the ugly logon wallpaper on Windows 8 build 7955.

In Windows 8 build 7955 there is a setting to change logon wallpaper, as per Alex by just adding simple flag to theme ini file users can set desktop wallpaper as login wallpaper on Windows 8. So here is simple steps on how to change logon wallpaper on Windows 8.

How to Change Windows 8 Logon Background Wallpaper :-

1. Go to C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes\

2. Now take ownership of basic.theme (or which theme you are using at the moment)

3. Open basic.theme in notepad

4. Change SetLogonBackground=0 to SetLogonBackground=1 as shown in below screenshot

5. Now save file and reboot.

That’s it. your desktop wallpaper will be used as Login screen background.