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Change Tax Codes in QuickBooks Accounting Software Guide
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How to Alter Tax Codes in Quickbooks Accounting Software [Guide]

Most of the people all around the world used QuickBooks Accounting Software for their small business. This software works is to manage and create financial reports and statements. As well as, it is perfect software to manage payroll in businesses, creating financial statements and paying bills.

However are you interested to change Tax Codes in QuickBooks then here is a help for you. Again i revise you that QuickBookzs is a companion to the accounting software that can be utilized with the standard version of QB application.

Change Tax Codes in QuickBooks Accounting Software:

  1. Overview sales tax set up or configuration. If you charge a sales tax in your business then you must define tax codes in your software before configuring in QuickBooks POS.
  2. Select corresponding tax item or group. You might have done this trick at the initial configuration in Setup Interview. You can edit the tax information in Company preferences. Suppose you selected a tax code in QuickBooks POS, make sure that it didn’t match it to the corresponding QuickBooks code, the program will create a new tax code.
  3. Now open the company preference module.
  4. After that select the Manage Tax categories button and enter the names for the additional categories or tax codes that you need to alter. By default tax category is Taxes. However, this category cannot be deleted until and unless new categories are entered.
  5. Then run the Sales Tax Summary report to make sure that your tax code have changed or altered.

Above 5 steps is enough for QuickBooks to change Tax codes successfully. for more details download PDF file QuickBooks Tax Codes.

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